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Building User Design (Building User Design Solutions Ltd) services come under four headings:

Why not take a look at the following services we provide under each of these headings below?

Business Support

Whether your role is in commissioning, project management, design, facilities management, human resources, customer services, brand consultancy, art  or web/app design – consider our tailored services:

Collaboration – Creative opportunities

Most people enjoy creativity.  Understanding user experiences increases appreciation of  your exploits by clientele.  Steve has extensive experience of collaboration, having worked with teams on many  projects such as the National Composites Centre Bristol and Salisbury Law Courts amongst others.  Why not explore how appreciation might be optimized?

Training – Packages tailored to your needs

What are the key factors determining user experiences of existing or proposed built environments?  Steve has spoken at conferences and trained staff as an Inclusive Design Manager, developing a range of material capable of being adapted to your training needs. What is the cultural, guiding and legal context? Why not find out?

Research – Original investigations

Do you have a topic in mind that requires original research into an aspect of people’s experience of the built environment?  Steve is a member of BSi committees and BRE Global’s standing panel of experts.  Topics of interest include: inclusive design, service procurement, social sustainability, sensory integration, housing and symbols.  Why not explore research opportunities with us?

Project Preparation

Our early involvement helps you anticipate possible implications of your project and identify what design, management and communication solutions will sustain positive user experiences:

Analysis – Evaluation of existing premises

Do you know what the user experiences of your built environment are?  What are the challenges and opportunities?  Steve has undertaken evaluations of  numerous existing and proposed, premises and settings for a  wide range of public and private sector clients. Please refer to the sector foci section for details.  Why not commission an audit /analysis?

Service Design – Looking after your brand

Do you know what the implications of your built environment are? How do you then deliver and communicate your service inclusively?  Steve’s approach helps identify not only the design implications of the user experience, but the brand and service implications in the form of management and communication strategies.  Why not find out?

Portfolios – Managing more than one property

Why not utilize our evaluation tool to compare user experiences of different properties in a single picture and enable portfolio strategies?  Steve has developed a colour coding and scoring system to summarise findings on one sheet, having undertaken work for organisations such as such as Barclaycard, Torbay Council and Bristol University.

Procurement – Brief development

Why not utilize our brief development tool in order to evaluate and then communicate your requirements to your project team(s)?  Steve’s brief development tool helps readers according to what type of project(s) they have and their role and is combined with a means of recording the brief’s development through dialogue.

Project Monitoring

Are you and your project team on course to address anticipated needs with regards user experiences?  How do you do you know?  Reviews and consultation help you keep on track:

Reviews – Design Support

Why wait until a building is designed or occupied to find out what user experiences will be?  Reviews are the mainstay of Steve’s work.  Early involvement is key.   Additional reviews will enable clients and their team steer through the details.  Why not commission feasibility, design and technical reviews before occupancy review?

Consultation – Finding out what users think

Carefully timed engagement with team members and third parties enables you to safeguard your brand and your legal responsibilities.  Stakeholder engagement is a key element of the pre-planning process, BREEAM assessments and the Equality Act, for which Steve is able to bring particularly valuable insights.  Why not seek our support?

Enabling Solutions

The following are not mutually exclusive subjects but just some of the project elements about which we advise.  Why not ask us to help you with regards to potential user experiences of:

Sustainability – Enabling communities

All projects exist within a community context.  Socially and economically dysfunctional buildings and settings are unsustainable.  Having a broad experience of social needs, Steve advises the Building Research Establishment and has provided designers advise with regards to communities such as Pendleton and Hanham Hall.  Why not optimise your investment instead?

Master-planning – Enabling movement

Will people find the journey, within your existing or proposed environment, a positive experience? Master-planning and feasibility projects for which Steve has provided strategic advice, include Cardiff Central, UWE, Reading and Keele University residences and several major school and retail projects.  Why not ask us to help you overcome challenges and identify solutions?

Way-finding – Enabling navigation

Are people able to easily find their way on route or within your environment?  Steve has forged connections with the work of the Makaton Charity and BSi and undertaken work regards symbols in wayfinding, whilst also advising UWE, Cardiff and other clients.  Why not ask us to collaborate with your team and enable you to identify solutions?

Information – Enabling communication

People rely on traditional information and technology to assess environments and services. How do you include people with different needs?  Steve has both personal and practical experience of the role of communication in the enabling positive user experiences.  Work on Cardiff’s transport interchange further highlights its significance.  Why not ask us for insights?

Colour and Light – Enabling beauty and clarity

Some colour and lighting strategies can aid navigation and some can cause problems.  Steve takes a particular interest in not only the visual aspects of light and colour, but the neurological and psychological responses.  Why not ask us help you use colour and light to positive and productive effect?

Acoustics and Tech – Enabling participation

Acoustics and alternative means of communication are essential to achieving a positive user experience.  Steve liaises with acousticians and those sourcing induction loops, infra-red systems, sound field systems, captioning, audio description, transport information, GPS, talking tag and other systems.  Why not identify optimum acoustics and an auxiliary aid strategy?

Well-being – Enabling positive psychology.

Do people visiting or working within your environment, enjoying the experience? Steve is lead for the neuro-diversity within BSi committee responsible for access within the built environment and has a growing reputation for his understanding of design for the mind.  Why not ask us to help you discover potentially productive and profitable solutions?

Ergonomics – Enabling comfort

Will staff and customers be comfortable? Can they reach what they need?  Can they open what they need? Are there choices?  Steve works closely with interior designers and architects, providing detail advice with regards to furniture design / choice and room layouts – with particular insights regarding flexibility and adaptability.  Why not seek our support?

Emergencies – Enabling egress.  Managers are responsible for the safety of occupants and ensuring everyone can get out.  Steve has gained practical insights with regards deployment and limitations of evacuation strategies and has contributed to a Workplace Law Network report on an aspect of the subject.  Do you need practical advice with regards to emergency scenarios and workable solutions to evacuation?

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