Consultation Facilitators, Brand Consultants, Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Way-finding Providers

Consultation Facilitators

Do you facilitate stakeholder meetings?  Do they have projects involving buildings and/or their settings?  Steve has engaged with clients, consultants, social enterprises, disabled people and members of diverse cultures/communities.  Steve has had particular experience of people’s neuro-diverse needs.  Why not seek our collaboration with regards timing and questions?

Brand Consultants

Do you advise clients who have premises?  Steve’s has worked in collaboration with brand, graphic and marketing consultants, having expertise particularly relevant to both the internal and external brand experience / perception.  Why not seek our collaboration with regards the potential implications of their built environments for both the employee and customer experience?

Web Designers

Are you designing IT interfaces where there is an associated built environment?  Steve’s has worked in collaboration with web/ programme designers and has expertise that is particularly relevant to the user experience, particularly where there are associated built environments.  Why not work with us to identify the optimum synergy between the user experience of electronic and physical environments?

Graphic Designers

Are you designing graphics in a setting, to enable way-finding or to inform visitors?  Having worked with disabled people and particularly people with learning and language difficulties, Steve is able to offer particularly valuable insights with regards to communication within graphics.  Why not ask us to help you identify design strategies that take account of different needs?

Way-finding Providers

Are you producing signage and want to enable the client to optimize the user experience for people with different needs?  Steve has advised Cardiff, UWE and others.  He has a particular knowledge of symbols, use of colour, other way-finding aids and introduced the Makaton Charity to the BSi regarding symbols development.  Why not ask us to add value through offering our collaborative insights?

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