clients with different roles and needs

Whether your role is in commissioning, project management, design, facilities management, human resources, customer services, brand consultancy, art, web/app design or another discipline altogether, why not consider our tailored services?  Steve has worked:

We can provide advice and support to:

Commissioning Executives

Do you want to optimise the value of investments in buildings and their settings and recognize the value of positive user experiences?  Why not ask us to help your organisation in your quest Those that Steve has advised include: the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the British Standards Institute (BSi),  Cardiff City Council and Bristol University.

Project Managers

Do you have a project to deliver, want positive outcomes, recognize that stakeholder engagement is necessary but don’t want to lose control?  Steve has advised the RIBA and BRE with regards procurement paths and has significant experience relevant to the project management and the optimum timing of stakeholder engagement.  Why not ask us for help?

Facilities Managers

Is there a facility for which you are/ will be responsible and you want occupants to be happy?  Steve has advised the BSi with regards Facilities Management standards BS8536, BS8572 and BS8587 regarding project briefing, service procurement and information management.  Why not ask us to help your organisation identify its design, management and information needs?

Customer Services

Are you seeking advice from someone familiar with buildings, their settings and their implications for your customers’ experience? Steve’s work includes projects which relate intrinsically to the customer/ visitor experience of hotels, Sainsbury’s, Barclay’s Bank and North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Torbay and Cornwall councils.  Why not ask your project manager whether we might be of help?

Human Resources

Do you have responsibilities for people’s welfare and legislation pertaining to their needs?    Much of Steve’s user experience expertise is particularly relevant to the work of Human Resources Managers.  Moreover, Steve seeks collaboration with Human Resource managers whenever possible.  Why not ask your facilities or project manager to seek our advice with regards opportunities posed by projects?

Consultation Facilitators

Do you facilitate stakeholder meetings?  Do they have projects involving buildings and/or their settings?  Steve has engaged with clients, consultants, social enterprises, disabled people and members of diverse cultures/communities.  Steve has had particular experience of people’s neuro-diverse needs.  Why not seek our collaboration with regards timing and questions?

Brand Consultants

Do you advise clients who have premises?  Steve’s has worked in collaboration with brand, graphic and marketing consultants, having expertise particularly relevant to both the internal and external brand experience / perception.  Why not seek our collaboration with regards the potential implications of their built environments for both the employee and customer experience?

Web Designers

Are you designing IT interfaces where there is an associated built environment?  Steve’s has worked in collaboration with web/ programme designers and has expertise that is particularly relevant to the user experience, particularly where there are associated built environments.  Why not work with us to identify the optimum synergy between the user experience of electronic and physical environments?

Graphic Designers

Are you designing graphics in a setting, to enable way-finding or to inform visitors?  Having worked with disabled people and particularly people with learning and language difficulties, Steve is able to offer particularly valuable insights with regards to communication within graphics.  Why not ask us to help you identify design strategies that take account of different needs?

Way-finding Providers

Are you producing signage and want to enable the client to optimize the user experience for people with different needs?  Steve has advised Cardiff, UWE and others.  He has a particular knowledge of symbols, use of colour, other way-finding aids and introduced the Makaton Charity to the BSi regarding symbols development.  Why not ask us to add value through offering our collaborative insights?

Landscape Architects

Are you seeking to enable inclusive use of landscape environments?  Want to offer the client creative design solutions that engage with different needs and expectations?  Landscape projects for which Steve has provided advise include play projects, visitor attractions, retail, urban realms, transport interchanges, housing schemes, schools and universities.  Why not collaborate?

Urban Designers

Are you preparing a master plan and would like to resolve potential user conflicts and anticipate both implications and opportunities with regards the user experience? Steve has advised CIHT with regards to Manual for Streets 2 and his experience includes: UWE’s Frenchay Campus, Cardiff’s Capital Square, Pendleton in Salford, Heartlands in Cornwall and Sainsbury’s.  Why not seek our advice?


Do you want your design to enable positive user experiences, whilst also enabling your client to optimize their business value and anticipate their duties under the Equality Act?  As an experienced architect himself, Steve is very able to appreciate the aspirations, challenges, practicalities and requirements that come with practicing architecture.  Why not give us a call?

Cost Consultants

Are you keen to optimise project value as a result of positive user experiences whilst evaluating project costs for your client? Steve ‘s experience and expertise enables cost consultants, project teams and their clients to come to value based decisions through anticipating what their user experiences are likely to be.  Why not advise your client of the benefit of our advice?


Are you looking at existing premise or inheriting a new-build project?  Steve has extensive experience undertaking audits / assessments of existing buildings and delivering designs through production information, on site and to completion.  Why not advise you clients that we undertake user experience/access audits and provide you and your client with our advice?


Have you been asked to design a public art installation and are keen that your design is appreciated for its inclusive qualities?  Steve brings his specialist knowledge through to a conceptual level around journeys, ergonomics, sound, sight, touch and psychology.  One of his projects involved therapeutic art in a drug detox facility.  Why not explore ideas with us?

Interior Designers

Do you want to improve awareness of how different spaces, furniture design, colour, contrast, patterns, lighting, acoustics, sound systems and ironmongery affect users?  Steve has worked within an Interior Design department and provided user experience advice across a wide range of interior design subjects.  Why not seek our advice?

Planning Consultants

Are you advising clients and designers with regards the need for stakeholder engagement?  Steve has worked closely with planning consultants and has advised the BRE with regards to BREEAM assessments as part of the BRE’s Communities and Planning Expert Group.  Why not advise your client and their team that we assist with access matters and with stakeholder engagement?


You recognize that history is a continuum and that conservation is best sustained through today’s positive experiences?  Steve’s assessments and projects, include several listed buildings, a World Heritage site (Heartlands Cornwall) and numerous projects requiring an understanding of conservation and user experiences.  Why not explore how design, management and information can achieve this?

Sustainability Consultants

Do you have environmental expertise but would like to collaborate with someone with social expertise?  Steve has advised the BRE with regards to its BREEAM assessment tools and the Code for Sustainable Homes and the BSi with regards to a proposed European standard on social sustainability.  Why not collaborate with us in order to offer your clients social sustainability expertise as well?

BREEAM Assessors

Have you and your client identified opportunities for inclusive design credits and are they seeking assistance in order to achieve those credits?  Steve has had particular involvement in aspects pertaining to social sustainability within BREEAM for communities and is now a member of BRE Global’s standing panel of experts.  Why not advise your clients to seek our advice?

Service Engineers

Do you want to evaluate the usability of  lifts, door controls, lighting, induction loops, sound field systems, controls and refuge communications?  Much of Steve’s work has pertained to writing reports and providing advice pertinent to service engineering, lift engineering, lighting design, acoustic consultancy and fire engineering.  Why not ask us help you identify the best solutions?

CDM Coordinators

You are steering project through the CDM regulations, but recognize that this includes some particular health and safety needs that disabled people have?  CDM observations are a common bye-product of Steve’s work.  He has also written a chapter on cognitive needs for Workplace Law Network’s “Fire and Disability 2008 – Special Report.”  Why not encourage the client to consult us?

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