Business Support

Whether your role is in commissioning, project management, design, facilities management, human resources, customer services, brand consultancy, art  or web/app design – consider our tailored services:

Collaboration – Creative opportunities

Most people enjoy creativity.  Understanding user experiences increases appreciation of  your exploits by clientele.  Steve has extensive experience of collaboration, having worked with teams on many  projects such as the National Composites Centre Bristol and Salisbury Law Courts amongst others.  Why not explore how appreciation might be optimized?

Training – Packages tailored to your needs

What are the key factors determining user experiences of existing or proposed built environments?  Steve has spoken at conferences and trained staff as an Inclusive Design Manager, developing a range of material capable of being adapted to your training needs. What is the cultural, guiding and legal context? Why not find out?

Research – Original investigations

Do you have a topic in mind that requires original research into an aspect of people’s experience of the built environment?  Steve is a member of BSi committees and BRE Global’s standing panel of experts.  Topics of interest include: inclusive design, service procurement, social sustainability, sensory integration, housing and symbols.  Why not explore research opportunities with us?

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