On and Beyond the Webpage

Towards a continuity of UX beyond the web page

6:45 PM to 8:15 PM Thursday, 7th November 2013

Ivy Church Ashley Hill Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5JD  

The venue is Ivy Church (BS6 5JD) for reasons of providing digital to physical accessibility – which forms part of the talk. Parking is provided although limited; the venue is on a major bus route and we’ll try to organise some car/taxi sharing. Tea/coffee at the close.

6.45pm for a prompt start at 7pm.

The Talk from Steve Maslin (Director of Building User Design Solutions Ltd (bud), Bristol)

Topic: The significance of information contained within the web environment, its impact on User Experience within the physical environment and how one might move towards a continuity of user experience where web pages point to places beyond themselves.

Getting to the venue

As the subject to the next SWUX talk draws attention to the significance of the digital realm in accessing the physical realm, it seems only logical to set out some of the things one might expect  on route to, and on arriving at, the venue:

  • Location: The address is Ivy Church at the bottom of Ashley Hill between Montpellier, St Pauls and St Werburghs (the post code BS6 5JD seems to centre the location pin further up the hill)
  • Public Transport: It is located on the number 5 and 25 bus routes, although not all bus and stops have level access (as yet)  The nearest rail station is Montpelier, (although there is a long and steep route to and from this)
  • Car Parking: There is on-site parking (although relatively limited) to the south of the church premises.  The surface of the car park is mainly compact gravel, although there are some concreted and tarmacadam surfaces.  (Drivers visiting the venue are advised to contact Steve Maslin on  07825 447709 to advise him of any particular parking requirements)  If you have no particular access parking requirements we ask that you make use of on street parking to allow access for others.
    Church Plan
    Church Plan
  • Route into venue: The route from the car park into the venue takes you out onto a flagstone pavement in front of the church, past the former entrance and up Ashley hill and via a pedestrian gateway to the north of the church and then a gradient down to the current entrance to the premises.
    Ivy Church
    Ivy Church
  • Entrance: Access via the entrance is via two sets of double doors that are not automated.  Please contact Steve Maslin on 07825 447709 to advise him of any particular assistance you might need accessing these doors and we will look out for you and facilitate access.
  • Toilets Facilities: Toilet facilities include a wheelchair accessible WC (although the layout is not particularly correct it is not especially bad!)
  • Refreshments: Teas and coffees will be made available (we regret that no alcohol is permitted)
  • Auditory Provisions: Amplification will be used and there is an induction loop for use by hearing aid users.
  • Visual Provisions:  We will be using a PowerPoint projector, with slides utilizing images to convey concepts that will then be explained.  If you would like a digital file with images described, or to enable you to enlarge on your own device, please contact Steve Maslin on 07825 447709, otherwise Steve will endeavour to describe what is being shown.   Visual clarity within the environment is reasonable, although seating isn’t particularly distinguishable from the floor for people with partial sight.  Please ask for assistance should you feel that finding your way around difficult.  Lighting is via fluorescent lighting.  We appreciate that this does not suite everyone, please advise us if you find such lighting especially problematic and we will endeavour to explore alternative arrangements for sharing this talk with you.
  • Fire escape: We have chosen this in part because all the facilities we have need are on the ground floor.  Please note that whilst the entrance is reasonably level, fire escapes are not level (including one route that entails a short flight of steps up and then down).  Please advise us of any particular needs that may give rise to such fire exits posing a challenge (by contacting Steve Maslin on 07825 447709) and we will endeavour to come to an appropriate arrangement in the circumstances.  

If you require any assistance of any kind please contact Steve Maslin on  07825 447709 or stevemaslin@talktalk.net


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