Introducing Steve

Enabling positive user experiences of built environments:

  • RIBA Chartered Architect (since 1992)Steve Maslin pic
  • Consultant Member of the National Register of Access Consultants (since 2003)
  • Currently Associate and Technical Authority for Inclusive Design at Atkins Also Subject Matter Expert for Inclusive Design with the SNC-Lavalin Group (of which Atkins is a part).
  • Senior Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems
  • Formerly Design Director of Initiative Homes
  • Formerly Inclusive Design Manager at Stride Treglown
  • Member of the British Standards Institute Committee responsible for BS8300 and other access standards.
  • Served as a Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert
  • Advised BRE Global’s via their Standing Panel of Experts
  • With former employment within architectural practice and organisations providing social services, housing and social provision


Please note that opinions expressed on this blog site are solely the view of the writer at a particular point in time and are not to be taken as the views of businesses or clients with whom the writer has or is now working. These views are given in good faith and solely for the purpose of prompting thought and discussion, for which readers take their own responsibility.  Reading and acting on this blog site is not a substitute for advice obtained through formal professional appointments directly with architects, access consultants or other professionals.  Without the presence of any formal appointment the author (and those he works for) accept no liability for the decisions or actions of readers and/or others acting on their behalf.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Steve

  1. safespacesgill

    Hi Steve, I’ve started reading your blogs. Fab! It’s great to know that there are like minded people out there in a position to have a real effect on the quality of life for us all, with our various additional needs.
    Gill (Safespaces)

    1. stevemaslin Post author

      Gill, thank you for your feedback. It was great meeting you yesterday. It was good meeting Sue too who got talking to me as I was heading back from the event. I love your company’s approach and I wish more people understood it. I’d love to explore ways of collaborating. Steve


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